in my line of view.

sometimes i’m floored that i got such a good seat to the show.

my littlest guy, kieran, is three years old.  today we’re sitting outside & i’m watching him, along with my other lovelies (javin, 8 1/2, & thalia, 6) devour a bag of trader joe’s cheese puffs.  kieran happy & fully cheese-faced asks, “where this chair from?  did God make it?”

how do you absorb that pure sweetness? i did my square best to answer him, but also to just sit still & enjoy the bubbly goodness of three-year-old conversations about God. of kieran’s yummy cheeks. of how lovely the three of them were, all squished together like puppies on one chair, dirty from digging worms in the garden & full of cheese dust.

& if i’m honest, this is commonplace.  we parents all have stories like this.  heck, if you’ve ever spent 5 minutes with a kid, you could probably share.  kids are just fantastic.  when i see it, the fantasticness, for real & honestly SEE these little tiny details scattered all around me, i’m simply taken with what a grand seat i’ve been given.

may my line of view always contain the goodness of the tiny details.

One thought on “in my line of view.

  1. Your biggest fan (besides andy) thinks you rock more than my previous observation of you and your wonderful qualities! Plus I (besides Andy) get to sit next to you in the front row seat God has given us, side by side, and watch our kids grow up together! I am glad you see the little details in life and in them to keep me in the loop of all greatness and silliness of our kids. They are wonders, each of them so individual, yet related….how fun to be COUSINS!!!

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