a little help here (with Larry Boy & such).

alright, folks. i need a little help here. i didn’t realize that when i started in this place, i’d CHERISH the feedback i get so very much. i LOVE the conversations that have sprung up (sometimes in my own head!) with you all, &, of course, i absolutely LOVE the comments & encouragement.  thank you, thank you!!

so today, i need some get-out-of-sentimental-mom mode help. you see, we’re doing a garage sale next weekend (do i hear an amen?) because our house is for sale, & it’s looking like where we go next will have less space than where we are now. and even if it doesn’t, i’d like to lose some of the dross, if you know what i mean. we are a family coming up on 6 this july, & andy, my huz, has run as many as two businesses out of our garage. one currently resides there. oh, yes – & we homeschool. all things that tend to generate an extraordinary amount of *things*. lots & lots of potential here in these walls.  lots & lots of, well, stuff.

{insert cute picture of purple & green Larry Boy plush toy (Veggietales) with super-suction ears that says things like “hasta la vista, weedy!” when you pull the pull-string.  i’m working on the photography segment of this here blog;  bear with me!}

so, you can imagine Larry Boy, right??

but seriously, who wants to move all that? not i, said the duck. (“the little red hen” is on my 3-year-old’s fave book list. sorry, i digress.)  i’m astounded by the piles that accrue, EVEN AS I BATTLE THEM.  & teach my children to battle them.  what if i weren’t fighting for the right to have open space?  we’d be avalanched by our own possessions, arms poking out in solemn surrender.

SO, here’s my dilemma: how do you unattach yourself from the sentimentality that clings under your armpits & around your heart about the things your kids own/owned that they are done with?

this is my aspiring minimalist achilles’ heel. & i’m asking for help.

how do you address the sticky, gooey sentimental piece of your own heart?  or don’t you?  how do you move into the future while keeping bits of the past?  i’d love to know. . . .!

6 thoughts on “a little help here (with Larry Boy & such).

  1. I keep a large tote for each of my little ruggrats. Each year I add something (or 5 things) to it. I will probably need a new tote soon for Andrew….and maybe it’s excessive, but I know I’m not ready when I open that tote and still get a tear in my eye. They grow so fast…I figure I will hold on as long as I am willing to sacrifice the space…..

    1. that’s a good idea. i do something similar, but then i have stuff stuck here & there & everywhere. one thing i’m excited about moving for is that it’ll get more organized with all my sentimentals. & won’t we live closer to you, woman??

  2. Love you blog Jill. We are downsizing too, but not moving in the near future. One suggestion would be to gather for each person in the household the items they have a hard time parting with. Then one at a time have each person pick 1-3 items that they can not bare to live without. It is good to do this annually too. It is interesting to think how little we take with us when we go on a trip and it has to fit in one suitcase. This is how little we really have to live with. I also like the idea that we can take pictures of things we have owned and can remember the memories! I like the phrase, “we can’t take it with us”! 🙂 Hope this helps – Love you guys!

    1. i LOVE travelling for just that reason! & it’s astounding to look around & see how much we AREN’T using, daily. thanks for the good word! love love to you, too!

  3. I would be no help at all to you Jill. I still have the Fisher Price schoolhouse, garage, barn, school, and about five more buildings with all the little people, etc. that went with them. These were played with by all three of my girls and Angie is 42 now!!!
    Annette is having baby No. four in September. You girls will be busy!

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