the little things.

enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back & realize they were the big things.  –robert brault, writer.

the little & very enjoyable things around here, lately:

  • days warm enough for kids & sprinklers.
  • the way the kids refuse to be hedged in, turning the sprinkler into a hose-versus-an-umbrella challenge.
  • little pea shoots in the garden.
  • snuggling with the kiddos early in the morning, while the sleep is still heavy on them, all 3 lined up under covers, like puppies.
  • andy’s busybusybusy-ness, printing up towers of t-shirts.
  • storytime at night, under said covers, & knowing that a good day has been had by all.  or, at least, that it is ENDING well. (sometimes that’s all you can ask for!)
  • that javin & thalia are learning to read together, in completely different ways, & just how much this difference pronounces their individuality.
  • that the little one loves story just as much as the rest of us;  the joy of sharing that with him, tucked in beside me (& my big belly!).
  • & certainly not least:  that great big belly under my nose.  {32 weeks & counting!}

how about you?  what are you enjoying these days, big OR small?  please do share;  i’d love to know.

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