i’ve been meaning to tell you. . .

thalia jane, dance recital night.  there are no words.

last friday night, javin & thalia had their long-awaited dance recital.  & was the evening ever all-that-&-a-bag-of-chips.  seeing my kids up on that grand stage is perhaps one of the most clouds-bursting-into-sunshine moments i’ve experienced as a mama.  my heart was JUST.SO.FULL.

javin told us he only wanted to dance if he got to perform.  that genetic code skipped a generation, i tell ya. he’s a blessed kiddo to have it embed in him.

all those cute little girls were peanut & popcorn vendors at the circus.  talk about sugary.

javin, front & center, amongst the girls & loving ever gosh-darn minute.  he even had a bit solo & got APPLAUDED.  he’s found a piece of his puzzle, that’s for sure.

all i have left in me is this:  I LOVE THIS.  this mama-gig.  not all the time, & certainly not all parts (why is it someone has to go to the bathroom every time we sit down for dinner?), but as a whole & as a calling, thank You for giving me this job in the front row.

i wouldn’t trade my seat for anything in the entire world.

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