intentionality. (like peanut butter in your mouth.)

it looks like this might be a thing:  post a good ol’ inspirational quote for the weekend.

we’ll call it, well, let’s see. . .  a good word.  how’s that?

if you look carefully, you can see javin behind the legos, his “something worth doing.” 

now, the quote:

every day, you have a decision: to start or stop the things worth doing. to continue building habits that make you more of your truest self, or to break the ones you’ve been doing for awhile.

as it turns out, this is all life is: subtle, gradual habit-forming. becoming who we are through the things we do (or don’t do).
–jeff goins.

i don’t plan on commenting on these great quotes all the time, because, really, a good word stands on its own.

today, however, is a word i have to say something about.  the idea of being intentional rolls around in my brain a lot.  & it sticks there, all 6 syllables smooth & creamy, like peanut butter in your mouth.  i love the idea of being intentional, of doing your life on purpose.  i scour books touting tips on intentional living.  i’m a magnet for said literature any time i navigate a library or bookstore.  it’s like a disease.  or an addiction.  yes, that might be closer.

i’ve spent a good many years floating, waiting for things to happen to me.  sort of, an “all good things come to those who wait” philosophy.  waiting for people to make friends with me.  waiting for boys to ask me out.  waiting for the right house to come along.

turns out, to carve out the life i want, i have to stretch out my feeble arms & yank it into my lap.

i haven’t purchased the old axiom that “God helps those who help themselves.”  it’s not anywhere in my bible.  but there is an element to life that demands we show up, take a number, & step into line.

so  along with writing a better story, i’m doing my darned-est to intentionalize my every day.  to think first about how i want a day to play out, & then to put into action my deadly plan, keeping in mind there will be resistance, & also leaving room for God to work Himself into the whole scheme.

today, then.  we’ve got family coming for the weekend, meals to plan, groceries to buy.  in my extra-large state, i’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

BUT.  i can intentionally act, resist the stress, say a prayer & live up the day.  i can run errands in town while listening to a good audio book.  i can make myself a french press of organic decaf to take along.  i can dawdle a bit in caribou coffee where i need to buy some gift cards, take in the caffeinated air, & buoy myself into the afternoon.  i can smile & wave robustly at my children running after the car & really mean it, looking forward to bringing them some books from the library & the hugs they’ll lather on me after only an hour or two away.

every day there will be a chance for this:  either to see the stress & give in to the resistance OR to move through the hours & minutes, carving new habits of life-giving intentionality, choosing to see the good life i both have been given & have yanked into my lap.

& that is why intentionality & the jeff goins quote are both a good word for the weekend.

make it a good one, friends, no matter what happens

One thought on “intentionality. (like peanut butter in your mouth.)

  1. Funny thing….. about 3 months ago I started being “intentional” if you walk around the house you might think I’m institutional because of all the little slips of paper that say things like intentionally. Intentional…There are a few in my vehicle.. on random mirrors. I started analyzing (possibly over-analyzing) every area of my life. It is my said goal to be intentional in my words, my actions and my life. Your post today was a timely reminder.

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