tiny & small, weekend edition.

       photo credit:  my cousin becca, here with her 3 boys for a weekend.  

this blog is like a treasure chest to me.  a place to tuck the tiny & small things that waft through my brain & burrow into my heart.  to capture them, scribble them down, photograph them, & ultimately, to revel in them.

i’m a reveller.

like javin said last night, looking at his chocolate cake with whipped cream & rainbow sprinkles, “take a picture of this.  it would look good on your blog.”

i want to take a picture of the whole world.

SO.  periodically i’ll share my favorite tiny & smalls of late.  here goes:

  • sleeping with the windows open.  the soundtrack of outside as i fall asleep.
  • my hand on kieran’s back when i check on him as i crawl into bed at night.
  • that sweet, soft little boy skin.
  • post-bedtime t.v. dates with andy.  the ensuing grown-up conversation:  planning our lives.  charting our course.
  • all the possibility there is in the world!  (does this just sink anyone else??)
  • that where i live smells so much like my favorite place in the world, my parents’ lake cabin:  water, pine, grass, & bonfire.  earth’s best cologne.
  • my kids’ contentment:  running circles in a puddle in our driveway yesterday because  there was a puddle to run in.
  • waterslides & how FUN they are when you’re little.  i enjoy their enjoyment.  (God’s like this, too.  that’ll blow your mind if you let it.)
  • that my kiddos are okay with a waterslide & a puddle.
  • farmer’s market saturdays, the homemade bread guy called “5 loaves & 2 fishes bakery”.  man after my own heart.
  • unabashedly eating our way through a bucket of straaaaaaaaawberries.
  • javin’s recent passion:  trick bike riding.  why the heck not, huh?
  • andys constructing a bike ramp for javin, after seeing professional trick bikers yesterday.  (fantastic man to bring up these children with:  happy father’s day, honey.  i can’t stand how cool you are.)
  • this song:  learning to love again. mat kearney.

may your weekend be full of fantastic tiny & small things.

if you would, leave me some of your favorite tiny & small things in the comments.  i’d lovelovelove to be inspired.

4 thoughts on “tiny & small, weekend edition.

  1. Love your blog Jill! Especially about earth’s best cologne. On my lunch hour a couple weeks ago, I was eating in my car, parked in the park across from Cut-Rite Meat. The pine trees were heavenly smelling, along with a faint whiff from the smoker at Cut-Rite … it reminded me of summer days in northern Michigan as a child. Very relaxing and stress reducing!

  2. kids running through the sprinkler, clean sheets, new coffee creamer flavor, family walks, baby smiles, hearing “Daddy will you play ponies with me?” by my 2yr old and the following “yeah!” by my husband, weekends, picking and eating off our raspberry bushes with the kids. The little things in life are so great!

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