this is living.

muddy little footprints trailing across the wood floor.  an alligator mask hanging on the doorknob.  laughter drifting in the window where i am, the kids in their pool in the rain.

this is living.

butter thawing on the counter for a batch of my mom’s chocolate chip cookies.  andy creating screens in the basement for a theatre shirt job.  a laundry basket brimming with newborn clothes at the ready.

this is living.  

library books brought back for each of the kids.  beans & rice in bulk from the co-op, reminding us of what the rest of the world eats & that we need to cultivate gratefulness.  three-year-old hands on my belly, “is the baby moving now?”

this is living.

in the moments of today, chose the richest & most worthy, arrange them like a well-played hand, & realize how alive you are.

& please share them with me.  your stories inspire my story.  couldn’t we all use a little more inspiration in our stories?  

2 thoughts on “this is living.

  1. Well written Jill. You are so blessed and it is inspiring to know how much you recognize the devine in life’s “regular” moments.

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