12 to 2 vacation.

so, we’re camped here the next while, waiting on baby bean.

in the meantime, we’re entertaining.  ourselves.  our children.  anyone who watches me waddle.  🙂

sunday afternoon, andy had the fantastic idea to bike with the kids & make it a legitimate  excursion.  he grew up biking with his dad, usually on sunday afternoons to a restaurant a few miles from their house in upper michigan to eat chocolate pie.  he’s wanted to pass this tradition on to our kids, with or without pie.

so, sunday afternoon, he hooked up our garage sale bike trailer with the younger two & took off, javin behind on his bike.  it was such a fantastic success (the kids had a blast, & no one fought for an entire hour and a half.  that’s a big deal in our home.) that yesterday, they did a repeat.  only this time, i met them at the park with a picnic.

afterward, we followed the kids down to the boat landing, underneath a brilliant steel bridge so they could wade & throw rocks.  as we sat there on the dock watching them, i thought a couple fantastic thoughts i had to share (sorry for the sudden dip in humility):

  1. my life is perfect.  not always flawless, not always comfortable, but certainly crafted for me.  fit here.  smack in the middle of algae-frosted little legs, sticky watermelon hands, & a big ol’ bowling ball belly.
  2. we don’t need grand hoopla to enjoy life.  earlier this spring i was bogged down brick-like for not having a brilliant summer plan for my children.  (yes, i know.  i’m having a baby.   however.  mommy guilt respects no man. . .er, woman.) but as we laughed at their insane-o antics: kieran sprinting down the dock to heave a rock (where were his parents?), javin slipping on algae & soaking himself, i realized: hey.   this is what it’s about.  not a passport, a map, or a vacation package.  (though i sincerely welcome all of the above.)

we’re together, we’re having fun, we’re making memories.  it doesn’t get more meaningful than that.

so this summer, on account of baby bean, we’re taking  “staycations”.  yesterday, from 12 to 2pm, we took a little vacation.  andy stopped printing, i ceased folding laundry, & we focused on having a good time with our family, outside of our regular pattern.

this summer, we’re focusing on what we can do.

shouldn’t that be the focus anyway, “cans” & not “can’ts”?

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