from here.

from where i sit, i can here the pool filter grinding away, like a belly needing nourishment.

i’m listening to bon iver’s “skinny love,” hoping that none of the love i pass out is skinny.

i’m feeling bad about getting mad when thalia spilled sequins all over the back seat with glue strewing across the pretty page of her brand new hello kitty scrapbook from grandma.

i’m grateful they’re all sleeping at 8 a.m.

i’m twiddling my thumbs like mad, waiting.  “watermelon belly” little guy calls me.

& i’m proud as cake because that little guy?  he can RIDE A BIKE.  (just not start or stop on his own.  he’s too short.)  oh — & he sings his own theme song while he rides.

here’s to thumb twiddling & personal theme songs.

how about you? how is it from there?

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