so we ate pudding.

so, i’ve been meaning to write a thick, weighty post about how i buried myself in little girl clothes & sentiment last week, gutted myself on tiny little purple onesies, &  came out victorious on the other side of a garage sale.


i will tell you about yesterday, & you’ll understand.

i needed nursing pads, which meant i was taking the kids to the store.  which meant i was taking andy to the store.  or andy was taking me.  we decided to throw in a library visit, round out the excursion.

the library visit was smooth.  everyone (meaning me) held it together.  (i must admit, i’ve been a little timid to venture into public with all four kids in tow, on account of the mommy crazy that has taken place in this transition.)  and stacks & stacks of books later, we were all inspired.  also, no diaper mishaps, projectile spit-ups out the nose, or 3-year-old tantrums.

interject forshadowing.

[at this point, i need to tell you that we use cloth diapers with leif.  which is really awesome. & a little intimidating away from home:  more to bring along, more to be aware of.  but i was feeling saucy yesterday (& i really didn’t want to use up the rest of my disposables  — it was just the library.  i could do it.), so i thought i’d brave it.]

so, post-library, we’ve cruised through produce in wal-mart, remembered to throw salmon in the cart, & we’re standing, three kids dancing around the cart & the little one tied to me in the moby wrap, in the peanut butter aisle.

[i also need to tell you i’m a babywearer.  as in tying my baby on in what’s called a “moby wrap”.   like an accessory, only much cuter.  :)]

like this:

the point is that baby feels super secure, riding against me, hearing my heart.  & that i get to snuggle with him while i do dishes or, in this case, ponder peanut butter.  babies tend to fuss less this way, giving mommy more peace of mind.  yay! for peace of mind.  sorry for the freaking commercial.  anyway, it’s just what we do.

so, we’re standing in the peanut butter aisle, reading ingredient labels, trying to find something natural & without sugar.  we hear leif filling his diaper, & we’re not worrying about it, when suddenly andy notices the leak.  uh-oh.  diaper bag in the car, & now not only do i have poo seeping into my clothing, but andy has it on his finger, a gut reaction to do something about the volcanic eruption that has now taken place in the peanut butter aisle of wal-mart.  kind of a predicament.

so we quick sketch an emergency plan that involves him wheeling a cart one-handed to the back-of-the-store bathroom while i head to the van to unwrap leif (did i mention the wrap we use is 30 feet long?) & perform a swab-down.

we part ways, i get leif & i cleaned up (fortunately i was in double layers so i didn’t have to wear poo the rest of the way through wal-mart.), & the cloth diaper stashed away (NOT the part i like about cloth diapering.).   at which point i realize i had shoved the grocery list in my pocket during the emergency plan instead of giving it to andy, so he could finish shopping while i took care of the diaper of 2012.

did i also mention it’s raining?

ANYWAY.  we get back on track in the store, i’m starving because by now it’s past lunchtime (a nursing mama has to EAT), & i’m in go-mode.

i no longer recommend go-mode.

as i reach for a jar of medium “newman’s own” salsa on the top shelf, the jar directly underneath apparently wants to come home with me, too, & leaps to its death.

the deer-in-the-headlights look that was plastered on all three of my children’s faces was remarkable.  poor kids, wondering what wal-mart cop was coming around the corner.  the mishap calculator was getting ridiculous.

we needed to switch gears & rescue the day.  

SO.  next was the pudding aisle  yep, that’ll do it.   we don’t often do pudding, on account of the sugar & the food coloring:  who knew it took both yellow and red to make brown?  (isn’t chocolate brown already? but i digress.)  pudding was just the sort of switch-gears treat we could use.

and after all that hoopla plus the pudding, the day was great.

so my new life philosophy?  when life gives you poo in the middle of wal-mart & salsa smashed on the floor?

you may as well eat pudding.

so that, my friends, is why i am not explicating on purging our life of little girl clothes, that are so adorable & was such a truckload of emotional work.

no one has time around here to lay out a series of emotions, involving grief over tiny onesies.  we’re too busy with this sort of thing:

(plus a whole lot of laundry.)

how about you?  what occupies you these days?  eating any pudding??

6 thoughts on “so we ate pudding.

  1. Oh how your writings throws me back to those hot August days with four kids under the age of 7! Every outing was some kind of mini disaster. The good news in ALL those little mishaps is that you develop patience. Every day is a new adventure, with so much love. someone told me “Three kids is three, but four is like a dozen!” Enjoy

  2. i just stumbled upon your blog… made me smile. i took a deep breathe for you. tis’ a life of glamour that we lead isn’t it…. a beautiful one though even with all the mishaps…. right??

  3. When I read your life stories, I feel as if I am sitting across from you having coffee. You’re ability to make light of these “mini disasters” makes you even more lovable!

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