the recesses.

find something you’re passionate about & stay tremendously interested in it.   –julia child.


i am certainly passionate about this little guy.  & his sister & two big brothers.

& i appreciate your patience with me, in my abscence from this place, as i tend to my passions.  turns out four children under the age of ten is fairly time-consuming.  who knew.

but my passions elsewhere seem to be morphing on their own.  possibly in relation to all the baby hormones.  or all the salad i’m eating lately.

passionate about, lately (in no particular order):

  • downsizing.  i’m reading tammy strobel’s “you can buy happiness (& it’s cheap!)”, which is chock-full of simplicity inspiration.  we rearranged the basement to accomodate andy’s entire t-shirt business yesterday, moving all our stored goods around & skimming off the top for the local goodwill.  gosh, i love giving stuff away.
  • travel.  this weekend we nearly hopped in the car & scooted to MI to visit andy’s folks.  i find myself hungry for a roadtrip adventure with andy & the cherubs.  our plans were stopped short by a humungous buck that galloped his way into our van, denting in the front panel.  (andy fixed said dents, but by that time, we’d rerouted our weekending plans.  another time. . . .)
  • cloth diapers.  i KNOW.  it’s kind of silly, & i feel pompous even bringing it up.  we didn’t use clothies until baby #3, & now with leif i truly look forward to washing the tiny bucketful & returning them crisp & fresh to the purple basket beside my bed.  i KNOW.  somebody shoot me.
  • saver’s.  & our weekly hour-long jaunt to woodbury for church is made that much sweeter when we squeeze in an hour at saver’s.  today we scored a small wooden puppet theatre, a red shirt for javin’s “flash” costume (both big boys are currently & obsessively running everywhere, in imitation of the flash.), a birthday gift for one of thalia’s little girlfriends, & a pair of rockin’ boots for me.  i may have just joined the 21st century.  you’re welcome.
  • evening t.v. dates with my huz.  for the last year or so, when i started watching t.v. again, andy got me into a t.v. series on netflix & we’d watch it together after hours.  right now we’re watching season one of “once upon a time”.  i do love me a good fairytale.

& that, my dear friends, is what’s up in this neck of the woods.  or at least in the recesses of my brain.

thanks for visiting the recesses.  i do love to come here & chat with you!

how about you?  what do you find yourself passionate about these days?  anything that surprises you?  please do share.  i love to be inspired!  let’s do well by julia, eh?

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