p’s & q’s

“i’m not captain america!  i’m not captain america!”  –kieran, running around in the backyard, incensed that, because mama made him wear his coat (unzipped!), the full spectrum of captain america colors could not be seen on his costume, thus nullifying his captain america status.  sweet child of mine.
[in an effort to chronicle our fleeting little kid days & at the same time not lose every marble in my possession, i’m going to post regular “p’s & q’s,” short for “pictures & quotes.”  that way, i’ll have the highlight reel captured, with the double whammy that grandma (&, bless you, you, if you want) can catch a glimpse of what’s going down in the britz camp.]

let’s go back to, ahem, halloween.
javin, the ghostbuster.  (he worked hours on that backpack with his dad.)

thalia, the cheerleader, with pompoms in the treat bucket.
kieran, the clone trooper.  fifth costume of the season.

& leif, the peapod.

& the pumpkins.

pacman, superman, & a princess.

then there were leaves.
&, where we live. (did i mention we get to live on a river?  praise God, huh?)

with a smattering of randomness.

the kids constructed their own popcorn stand.  & stocked it.

this little cutie keeps growing. . . .

cooperative learning.  (not sure we do much else ’round here.)
& the ever-present lego.
a bonfire, one of my favorite things.
& the baby’s new trick.

okay, so high on “p’s,” low on “q’s”.  🙂
happy weekend, friends.


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