what do you say. . . ?

i couldn’t get myself out of bed this morning,
pinned under a sweet bundle in stripey pajamas
snuggled on my chest
& a warm comforter.

for this, i say thank You.

for warm afternoons to play soccer in the yard.
for grandma coming on the train
& papa following a few days later.
for what a different love grandparent love is
to my kids.

thank You.

for a warm house
& a strong husband,
for four lively, curious children.
for strong coffee (decaffeinated)
& warm meals.

for dirty dishes
& mounds of clean laundry, unfolded.
for a work in progress.

for hats & mittens
& baby blankets everywhere.
for a whole new category of thumb-sucking.
thank You.

for a season of gratitude,
& a life in progress.
for just today.

thank You.
happy thanksgiving, friends.

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