sleeping shoes.


as i look around the blogosphere during this christmas season, i wither at all the amazingness that i’m NOT doing.  i mean, cubes of homemade, pastel bath salts for grandma in a cute mason jar?  yep, not doing it.  homemade christmas cookies?  yep, asked my mom to please bring sugar cookie dough so my kids could have some memory with someone of cutting out cookies in stars & angels with cute christmasy sprinkles.
& pinterest?  i fear for my very life.

christmas can shake the amazingness right out of a girl.  

there are crumbs literally everywhere in my house, & my children’s hair?  let’s just be grateful the messy look is trending.  (what? it isn’t?  ummm. . . .)  so as far as all kinds of cool christmasy activities, sometimes we’re just watching a christmas veggietales.
that’s all i can muster.

& that’s okay.

sometimes (like every day) i have to hit “refresh” in my own soul & remind myself that yep, some good & profitable things are going down here, too.

for example, sleeping shoes.
kieran, my 3-year-old, may insist on wearing footies a size too small & be absolutely unable to not wrestle with javin at the dinner table, but can that child light us all up.  as in when he flies into my room at bedtime, hurling his little body up & over my bed, proclaiming,
“these are my sleeping shoes!”
that is when i notice the tennis shoes that i know he actually WILL wear to bed.  right beside me.  that will find their way into the small of my back by 3 a.m.

or that though we are not crafting this christmas (& OH! there are so. many. cute. crafties. to be made!), we did manage to string half a string of cranberries on a thread.  & we read an entire book this morning uninterrupted.
& cocoa?
i make homemade cocoa.
which totally counts.
also, & probably because she feels some female here ought to pick up the shine -&-design slack, thalia has taken it upon herself to wrap all our gifts & custom decorate them each with a drawing that correlates with the recipient.  she’s 6.  & gets this not from me.

so, if you’re like me, looking around you bleary-eyed at all the perceived goodness in every christmas window & yarn pile & coming up with a big ol’ “inadequate” on your own head,
stop looking around.
isn’t that the root of it, anyway?

instead, notice your own good.  because it’s there, & it’s big.
you let there be sleeping shoes in your bed sometimes, too, hey?

4 thoughts on “sleeping shoes.

  1. The Merriest of Christmas Blessings to you and your lovely brood. Your blog made me tearful in a happy way. Have a absolutely beautiful Christmas Jill!!

  2. The proper english side of me noticed I didn’t write “an” absolutely beautiful Christmas. Sorry, but my Granny would “roll over in her grave” if I didn’t correct myself!! 🙂

  3. well said! comparison kills the spirit of any home.. and at the end of the day instead of all the fancy “memory making” i think our kids just want us. attentive. present. sweet. loving. when i start looking around, feeling inadequate, it makes me cranky. and guess who bears the brunt of that? ;)) merry christmas to you and yours~ {found you from chatting at the sky} 🙂

    1. so true! that’s really it, isn’t it? they just want us. oh, how busy i can get, spinning my wheels “for them”. when they’d just like me to sit down & read a story.
      thanks so much for finding me & reading!!

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