hopefully, with a red teapot.

i almost can’t stand how good the future looks from here.  you’ll excuse me if i’m overly optimistic (i stepped on a unicorn over christmas).  but seriously, the downtime, the revelling, the wonder of christmas did my wee heart good.

& isn’t this the time of year for hope?  new year’s, january, an entire 365 days laid out for us to scrawl our stories across.  does it look good from where you’re standing?  i hope so.

christmas! 012

christmas is past, yet still ripe in my belly in all its fullness (brought about by some very elving grown-ups & many late nights.  you can relate, huh?).  & really, christmas is just fantastic with little kids. the wonder & magic. & the promise of rescue.  almost too much.

& now?  we look forward with hope, with anticipation (summer’s just around the corner, isn’t it??), with plans & projects.

and hopefully, with gratitude.
christmas! 006

right now, i am grateful for so much:

~a little one getting teeth & not minding (too much).  we’re at teeth already!  i can hardly believe it.
~a very pared-down gifting on both sides of the family, focusing more on the being together & the true meaning of it all.
~a good-sized decluttering when all our 11 days of christmas were said & done.
~a house significantly easier to manage with less stuff sitting around.
~a rockin’ sledding hill in our backyard & the kids getting into snowboarding.
~quiet days at home filled with legos, book-making, card games, & music.  there’ll just always be music.  (thank you, pandora.  thank you, youtube.  i heart thee.)
~my red teapot.  our electric model just kicked it, so it was time to refresh ye old wedding present from andy’s aunt in mexico — a teapot in a fantastic red (think cherries) with a handle that arcs in a rainbow & looks like a stretched slinky.  when the pot whistles, the kids come running, & kieran’s face is absolutely priceless as he waits in 3-year-old anticipation to see if that top will shoot off.

christmas! 434

so let’s make this next year something extraordinary, eh?  i’m ready for it.

here’s to hope, to gratitude, & to red teapots.

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