my happiness project.

this morning, i straggled out of bed to feel my way into the living room, stepping slowly to avoid the lego shrapnel from the hobbit house i knew was there to get to the farthest lamp.  click, on.  then to the computer & sit down ever-so-slowly ($1 at the stout surplus sale & creaky as heck) so as not to wake the babies.  do NOT wake the babies.

this time in the morning?  priceless.

my backyard.  hallelujah.

for me, getting up before the babies is key to a sane day.  lately i’ve been developing a short list of what else makes me sane, happy even.  i spend a lot of time too much time thinking about happiness.  i’ve read gretchen rubin’s happier at home & perused her blog, the happiness project.  i’ve read scores on minimalism.  ideas sort in my brain, resolutions sift down.

lately, my happy list looks like this, that i’m aiming for daily (not in order):

  • write.  even if it’s “baby rode in a shopping cart for the first time” on leify’s baby calendar.  if i can get to this space, or at least my journal, i’m doing what i was meant to do, & that makes me happy.  
  • read a devotional/scripture & pray.  currently in this:  jesus calling.  fantastic.  time with Jesus clears my head.
  • spend solid time with each kiddo.  lately:  chess, sequence, & reading.  tons of reading.  tons & tons of happy reading, smashed on the couch together while baby chomps at my collar bone.  (or shouting over them while they build said hobbit house from legos.)
  • t.v. date with andy.  we’re watching “revenge” on hulu.  i won’t apologize for that.  i so look forward to sitting down with my huz after all 4 cherubs are bedded, & enjoying a cup of greek yogurt.  also, our time to look eyeball to eyeball & not over or around someone small.
  • workout.  what?!?  yes, after a DECADE (javin’s 9 1/2) of sitting on my rump, i’m finally up & moving to jillian michaels.  andy & i are shredding together, & sometimes the kids join.  (there is nothing more dear than a 3-year-old doing butterflies, let me tell ya.)
  • chores.  yes.  i’ll admit it.  i am tremendously happy doing housework.  hands sunk in hot, soapy dishwater.  sweeping the kitchen floor.  because then i’m done staring at it & doing something .  i’m not doing tons of chores;  let’s keep it real here, eh?  but i do find on days when i totally slack, or give myself a break, i get grumpy.  work is good.
  • declutter something.  even if it’s just clearing the junk mail off the kitchen counter or giving away a shirt.  clear space = clear mind.

so there it is, my rough draft for happiness.  it’s not conclusive, obviously.  & i have a heap of little addendums:  eat something green.  drink tea.  think of Jesus.  control my thoughts.  refuse worry.  wear the baby.  memorize scripture.  give more hugs!
it’s fun to have a sketch, to know who i am & what buoys me up.

one more thought, from don miller, author of “blue like jazz”:  read this about downsizing.  (it’s short.)

so, what do you do to bolster your own happiness?  i’d love to know.

here’s to lasting, true-in-your-belly happiness.  
can i get an amen?

2 thoughts on “my happiness project.

  1. Amen!

    I’ve found to look for happiness in the smallest of things. I had a friend once ask me, “what makes you happy, when you are all alone, that’s just about you, and not anyone else.” It was hard to get started, but once I got going, it was very long and very fun to keep adding to it. Yes, a glass of iced tea with mint makes me happy. So do my favorite earrings, a great book, and a funny blog post. Flowers, photos, and sunshine in the window. There are hundreds of happinesses in every day.Thanks for reminding me of that.

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