friday photo(s) (or: children wearing children.)

the other day javin says to me, out of the blue, “mom, can i try wearing leif in the moby wrap?”

[caveat:  one of our practices in this family is to “wear” our little ones as a way to keep them close.  i dig the bonding, & it keeps little bean happy.  (happy baby = happy everyone else.  the kids see this all the time, & naturally want to join the fun party.)

me:  “ummmm.”  hesitate, hesitate.  thinking, he’s probably big enough, strong enough, tall enough.  but if i let him, i KNOW thalia & kieran will both want a go, & do i want to go there?  is a 6-month-old baby strapped onto a 3 1/2 year old smart?  the potential for harm presents a horrible visual.  but if i keep them right next to me, maybe. . . .

me:  “okay, honey.  after i feed leify & burp him, you can try him on.”

without further adieu, i give you:  children wearing children.
p.s.  this was meant to be my second in a (regular?) series of a friday photo, but i can’t not post all three with their baby brother strapped onto them, can i?  i didn’t think so.  🙂

though you can’t see it in this picture, one of javin’s main objectives was to “drive” leif around, leif’s fists around javin’s thumbs, as a star wars bomber craft (you’ll excuse my complete ignorance of actual craft names.  i’m just the mom.).  i had to put the kibosh on that fun activity real quick.

thalia, in true girl fashion, just wanted to be like mommy.  leif is obviously digging it.  (i couldn’t get the last panel that’s supposed to go over leif’s belly up & over because thalia is so short.  so i stayed really close.  just in case you were wondering about my mental health.)

two words for this:  craziness & pride.

& what moby wrap, baby wearing post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of how it really is?

yes, every baby worn in this house comes with a sword.  so now you know.  

& the moral of the story?  they will do exactly everything you do.  so beware.

happy weekending, friends.

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