friday’s picture(s), saturday (or, procrastinators welcome.)

i’m learning.  i hope so, anyway.  as a rule, i hate procrastination.  i do the dishes after each meal, i fold laundry fresh from the dryer (because i like it), & i’m teaching myself to make my bed every day.  i know, gag.

but in my goody two-shoes, i’m missing something.  maybe a bunch of things.

feb, mid 019

what if life weren’t about checking off my to-do list?  or better yet, what if my check list were all wrong?

feb, mid 034

my newest nephew’s tiny toes.  freaking adorable, eh?

feb, mid 040

what if i’m missing the great because i’m nose-to-the-grindstone busy keeping my house picked up?  i really do think the good life is more about noticing.    the freaking plethura before me every.single. day.  the little dimples just above the corners of javin’s mouth when he’s joking around.  kieran’s latest costume, bottomed out in rain boots. hearing thalia read calvin & hobbes to javin.  their sharing a laugh.  leify’s doughy little legs that kick-kick-kick all day long, especially when i’m changing him.  God in the details.

feb, mid 051just lots of thoughts today, friends.
what do you think?  i’d love some discussion.

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