baby hugs & cat puke.

sometimes you gotta hang on to what you got.

leif reaches for me now.  when he’s sitting in front of me on the carpet playing with a slinky, & then he gets bored, he’ll arch his back & turn toward me.
“mom, get me outta this.”
when your baby, the very smallish person you own, starts expressing his desire, & that desire involves his love for you, your heart gets gigantic, & your head explodes.

which is good. sweet & lovely moments come to carry you through when you have mornings you wake to with a headache the size of wisconsin.  (today.)

or you wake up to someone throwing up (yesterday).

or to a diaper leaked all over your bed, the 3-year-old pointing out cat puke on the floor (“mommy, what’s THAT?”), & accidentally spraying the mattress with the bottle of pink water you made with food coloring for the kids to play with in the snow instead of the bottle of homemade disinfectant.  (the bottles are the same; well, they won’t be for long.)
(that was monday.)

so, when you find yourself front & center to a skull-splitting headache, or never enough sleep, or puke of any flavor, hold on to what you got.

it was given to you for a reason:  a lantern & a blessing.  you’ll need it.
say “thank You” & hold it up to your heart.

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