this is the writing that wouldn’t take place, because, really, when?  & then i got God-   smacked into an amazing Truth on this sally clarkson post.  like sally said, life wasn’t meant to be balanced, & if i lean a little toward art today, tonight i can catch up on dishes.  right???

this weekend we took the kids to see the nature valley pro bike races that run right through our wee town.  we do this every year as celebration for andy’s birthday.  it’s a pretty big deal.  last year the mexican olympic team was in the race, & ESPN covers it.  big deal for small menomonie.  we’ve never had the kids participate, but this year, mid-afternoon, the kids donned helmets, tags & their bikes & did their own “race”.

6.20.13 052

my girl looked so small in that hoard of kids.  & kieran?  minuscule.  although he was the only 4-year-old without trainers.  kind of awesome.
& there was no actual racing, but the kids did get medals they were pretty jazzed about.

6.20.13 053

6.20.13 043then came sunday, which was andy’s birthday, father’s day, his last sunday of pinch-hitting at our old church as their worship leader, & the kids’ program from a full & happy week of VBS.  (thalia is there, front & center with her pally lili, & javin was down the row, around the bend, & behind the cross.  literally)

6.20.13 071

my handsome husband leading the way.  wahoo!

so then, to make an adventure for the kids on father’s day (because that’s what we do with little kids, yes?) andy took them out on our river in our neighbor’s paddleboat.  (this is my backyard.  (hallelujah.))

6.20.13 095

6.20.13 100(random photo of me & leif.)

i decided we’d fit, too, if leif didn’t wiggle too much.  if you look uber-close, you can see leif’s hand reaching up out of the backpack to say hello to you all.

6.20.13 146

more of my backyard. . . .

then a birthday chocolate for andy. . .because the kind lad told me to take a break on the cake & i took him up on it.

6.20.13 149

& THEN, because God is crazy, we (meaning the kids & their pals) wound up catching a whole boatload of crawfish in a stream at a park on tuesday, & then my dear friend beth, who is master of saying “yes” to her kids’ ideas, thus making great memories, informed me she’d watched a youtube video on cleaning & cooking crawfish.  what?!  & so i could do it, too.  what?!  (let’s just let it be known that i had absolutely no intention of bringing those suckers home, let alone cooking & eating them.  what?!  & when we were done, i was so glad we did.  yay, God;  thank you, beth.)

they kinda grossed me out.  but with a little salt to clean them in water, some rinsing, & then into the pot, i was good!

6.20.13 174 6.20.13 180

no-longer-with-us crawfish.  thank you for your sacrifice, kind sir.  my kids’ memory banks will thank you later.

6.20.13 184

thalia cleaning & peeling those little tough red shells.  she was a trooper, & totally non-plussed by the strangeness of it all.

6.20.13 189this was javin’s artistic representation of the cooked crawfish militantly venging their own deaths.  aren’t they a lovely, yet dead, shade of red?

& the taste?  yep.  just like a mild white fish.  only smaller.  mmmmmm. . . .

now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. . . .      -ephesians 3:20

pretty sure had you told me i’d cram in so many festive events in 4-days time i would have said you were smoking something.  but, thankfully, God’s mind is not my mind.  & what He dreams up for those He loves is so much brighter & shinier than any small plan i might cling to.

really, i had no idea.

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