all i’ll say

i’ve been writing this carnival in my head for weeks now.  we took a trip, a gigantic loop from my parents’ place in north dakota across minnesota to andy’s folks’ place in upper michigan.  we took 16 days, a tent, baby toys, & a whole heapload of anticipation.  He did not disappoint.
here goes: my boys at the minnesota zoo.
then we went camping, leify’s first tenting.  he dug it.
then, after a day at my parents’ place collecting our camped-out wits, we spent the next many days at my favorite of favorite places, my parents’ cabin on the canadian border.
andy may or may not have been in heaven in that kayak.
trip!!  nd.mi tour 065 my sister-in-law jen & my brother jay, lighting it up for us.
& pontooning to see fireworks.

javin & thalia become fisherfolk.
thalia, with papa helping hoist that pike. 
all the tonneson-britz men.  
there was also a gigantic sand turtle making that jay & jen facilitated.  (yay, auntie & uncle!)
& then, because i have two july boys, there was celebrating.
& then, just like that, our britz-tonneson time was over, & we headed to michigan.
through duluth, our old stomping grounds, & across into wi.  

in michigan, four of the six britz siblings were there for a festive week of cousin time.
leif with cousin gabriel on the shores of lake superior.  
my sweet niece, layla.
we spent so much time outside, picnicking, playing in the water, & hanging out, that my children all looked coppertone-baby when we got home.
picnic to celebrate andy’s mom, maria’s birthday, along with my sister-in-law verena’s. 
javin fishing with cousin elias.
we needed to celebrate the boys with this side of the family, too.
best party favors ever.

on the way home, on leify’s actual birthday, we were driving along, wondering just how to make the day special, when i looked over & found. . . .
really, Lord?  i stand down.  i couldn’t have been more impressed.

so, now we’re home, the baby who is one is napping, javin turns 10 tomorrow, & andy’s in the garage building a bunny hutch with the kids.
honestly, i cannot keep up with this goodness.
all i’ll say is hallelujah.


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