picture perfect.

last night my sister-in-law jen texted me to see if i’d found a respectable picture of my brood i could download (or upload or whatever) so that she could have it printed out for her wall.  she’s doing a family collage, & since we’ve never ever had a professional picture taken of the kids (goes against my grain, which surprises no one.) & jen didn’t want one anyway, i was up to bat.  i kid you not, i actually included this endeavor in my prayer this morning.  because, really.  i need all the help i can get.

i made the kids put on clothes that weren’t stained or torn (in this picture, you cannot see the large patch on kieran’s knee;  these green pants?  the ones he wears every. single. day. & tucks back into his drawer at night so i will forget to wash them?  yep.  those were my brother’s. i don’t even know how that’s possible, but, there you go.), & marched them down the hill into our backyard before leif could locate mud or the boys could resume their star-wars-at-all-times game, which really means lots of tackling & shooting pvc guns at each other.  or me.
without too much adieu, we got this lovely gem above.  not bad for a wednesday morning, eh?  which, honestly, is exactly humorous, because the whole event was more like this.

leif doing his limp noodle impression.
or this.

or, good grief, this.

ever wrestle a greased pig?  we have one, if you’d like a turn.

& you know this.  this sweet photo session was peaceful for exactly 1.2 seconds.  kind of like my life.  or yours.  we hone in, thinking life should be a little finer around the edges, when in actuality, it’s a hot mess most days.
& in case you haven’t had enough. . . .

pretty sure i don’t know what this was about.

cute picture, yes?  notice the hunk of wood he’s holding.  yeah.  he wouldn’t stop chewing on it, after he picked it out of the bonfire pit.  nice.  like i said, hot mess.

star wars.  i warned you.

& truthfully, if i’m going to give you a legit family picture, one that actually represents who my kids are as a collection, it’d be this:

from left to right:  cheerful & willing, naughtily unwilling to be anywhere other than directly in the ash & digging (sweet Lawd, help me.), confused as to why mom still has the camera out & is impeding our game, & always ready for a photo op.

because that, apparently, is how we roll.

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