’round here

it’s 6:16 a.m., the house is asleep, & i have a cup of tea by my side.  my parents are in town, just overnight, on their way to branson, missouri for a little r & r with some close friends.  they stayed with us last night & took us out for dinner to celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary.  FORTY ONE.  that should be in jumbo, gigantic font.  & bless the parents who will happily spend their evening with finger-licking, napkin-shredding little people.  that’s a grandparent, i guess.  like i said, bless them.

when we got home from dinner, i was in the bathroom looking in the mirror, & i noticed something poking out my sweater.  um, awkward.  a little search unearthed a french fry. from leify’s dinner.  as he sat eating in my lap.  & shredding napkins for the floor.

i stood there in the bathroom, french fry in hand, thinking, “how does one go all the way through dinner, coating everyone up, driving home, uncoating, & then reentering home with a french fry in your shirt & not notice?”

apparently some of the tiny & small things i’m so fond of noticing are sliding a bit. 


ever wonder what we do ’round here, all of us in a pile together all day long?

yeah, me too.

[if you’re singing counting crows circa 1990-something in your head, it’s totally not my fault.]

sometimes i’ll look at a week in my planner (where i jot notes about what we do) & all i see are empty white squares.  i tell myself this record keeping is for the kids, to have some travel guide of their childhood.  but really, it’s for me.

because a lot of times my mind doubts what my heart knows.

so the other day, a very empty white square day, i followed the kids around with a camera, catching glimpses.

boy, does my life look different through a camera lense.

shall we?
(my apologies if this is not your gig.  i believe i studied anthropology in a previous life.)

because who doesn’t love a four-year-old jazzed about washing the windows?  do you get excited about a squeegee & a squirt gun?  yep, me neither.  smoke ’em if you got ’em, i say.  

then after the window is clean, add kieran + window markers.  oh, yeah.

thalia sculpture with math tiles. rainbow-colored blood in her veins.  (also, why use math tiles for math when you could use them for art, i ask you?  certainly not us. . . .)

thalia muraling her aquarium.  which currently holds 14 river snails.  from our neighbor’s backyard.
& that giant band-aid?  my girl tumbled down the rather carpeted basement stairs & rug burned her pretty sweet face.  but the bragging shiner is awesome.

meanwhile, javin assembled a star wars fall scene, a la the star wars craft book he found at the library.  we stick to themes around here.  (on no part of my own.)

back to the window.

this, i kid you not, all took place within 20 minutes.
after which, i’m sure we all laid down for a nice long nap.
because, really.

but we did manage to get outside, between wal-mart runs, where i found these little gems:

helping daddy fix the trailer.  notice the green pants.  everywhere, everywhere, the green pants.

in case you thought i was kidding, javin detailing star wars action figures.
& lest you inaccurately think my house is a series of well-laid artist corners, this picture is heavily cropped to edit out the garbage can overflow, pool table laden with boxes & apples, & a whole string of bikes, in varying states of workability.  so you don’t get any wrong ideas.

i spy with my little eye:  mommy’s winter boots.  a discarded ziploc.  a football.  a brick. two squirt guns.  the leftover handle to. . .what is that?  a rock, ready for toddler mouth.  & summer’s old, crumpled up waterslide.  yep, keeping it classy, yard-style.

stonehenge, or something.  on the grill.  of course.

keepin’ it real with copious amounts of tea.

& then. . . .


so, there we are.  all laid out, in ordinary form.
my anthropology apologies to you all.

i guess there’s more going on here than i realize.  🙂

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