grateful dead.

we’re all reading copious amounts online about gratitude these days, for obvious reasons, & i’m glad. ha, ha. . .did you catch that?  nerd.  every other blog post i pull up, 30 days of gratitude in november (wish i’d thought of that.), & how-to’s about teaching your kids gratitude in this culture of way.too.much.  (did i say that outloud. . . sorry.)

gratitude is one mountain i’ve always said i’ll die on, both developing in my kids’ hearts & living as a core value myself.

but lately, i’m not so sure.

on any given day, i’m not rolling off hallelujahs for my huge pile of blessings.  i’m not actively looking around me to offer up a word of grace.  & why not?

no, sir.  most days i wake up with the toddler crawling out of bed with a wet diaper i need to address ten minutes ago, who has been up three times in the night &, though now chipper, resembles no such thing at 3 a.m.  grumble, grumble, when do I get time to myself?

most days i am not thanking the good Lord for my four beautiful children running around screaming (okay, duh on that last bit.) or the unbelievable bounty that is ours.  nope.

most days i’m gritchy about the rice krispies strewn all over the floor, & gratitude has left the building.

one of the big drums to beat in our culture, particularly in our mothering (& fathering!) culture, is telling the truth.  while i value authenticity as much as the next mommy, & believeyoume i’ve got truth to tell, i’m getting a little sick of myself.

especially when i notice my ungratefulness seeping into my kids’ hearts.  monkey see, monkey do.  you may argue that they are kids, & of course they will complain about their coats because that’s what kids do.  possibly, but i don’t believe ungratefulness is a childhood right.  i think we can do better.

& i’m not necessarily leading the thankfulness light brigade here, either, if i’m honest.  maybe it’s just a posture, or a facial expression, but they can tell.  they’re freaking barometers.

let’s change that, i say.

SO.  i’m going to do my darnedest to make the most of this season of thanksgiving, of the holidays as a whole (the most wonderful time of the year, yes?  yes!!), & see if i can’t infuse a little more gratitude into my life.

& not even for the palatial end result of getting my kids to say “thank you” for their dinner.
but also to increase my own rich quality of life.
there’s a reason scripture implores us to keep saying thanks. . . this is just starting to crack open in my heart. . . .  Jesus is handing out goodness like nobody’s business while i’m looking the other way at my problems.

ahem.& do you know what honestly is one of my biggest barriers to gratitude?  i’m going to give you two guesses about what i could possibly bring up on this blog, & the first guess doesn’t count, because i am so not predictable.

yes.  going too fast.

my heart is much more apt to notice & say “thanks” when i’m pared down to a peaceful clip.  amp up the speed & gratitude flies right out the window.  try to get too much done, & i don’t notice the lovely little boy in my arms pushing my face with his grubby little hand to look him squarely in the eye so he can sign “hot” to me while we’re both staring at a candle.

go too fast & i don’t thank God for the gorgeous house i live in — four walls, hooray!  (truly, what a joke.  i live in a palace.)  HEAT, hallelujah!  health & strength & kids & husband & work-to-be-had & food to eat (tons!) & a car to drive & places to go & friends to call & parents that visit & that we want them to visit &. . . .

have you ever noticed that gratitude begets gratitude?
just one more perk to keep us rolling.

& no matter how grateful i am, i’m also noticing there’s always room for more.

so, if you’re interested, take 10 seconds & scan for your own possible grateful deadness.   & then write down 10 amazing things about your life.  or 5.  or 3.  write them here, if you want.  i’d love it.  or just think them, really loudly.

& then together, we can bring gratitude back to our families from this well inside, & begin to watch thankful hearts unfold around us.

because, truly.  we have so much to be grateful for.

happy thanksgiving, friends.
thanks for reading.  did you catch that?  there it is again. . . ha, ha!  nerd.

“a life of praise & thankfulness becomes a life filled with miracles.”  –sarah young, “jesus calling.”

5 thoughts on “grateful dead.

  1. Thank you Jill. You so beautifully put words to what is in my heart. Thankful for your blog today. I’m trying to leave more dishes in the sink and instead play on the floor with my little ones. Hopefully one day I won’t have to do deep breathing exercies while I do that! 🙂

  2. So true. Sometimes I so dislike who I’ve become… so entitled. Satan loves it when I live a day of ungratitude..I don’t know if that’s even a word. He’s thrilled when I have that attitude of indifference. Thank you Jesus that you’ve given us such a beautiful example of gratitude and love.

  3. grateful for so many things. homeschooling or unschooling opportunities for my kids and I, an amazing husband who is the perfect compliment to my life (in the many areas I lack, he does not…so we are perfectly paired!), for a child who falls on the “spectrum” who helps me to see things differently and then realize her brilliance!, for living free-free to worship, free to love, free to become who God created me to be (yes, God, i do know you have a plan and I am getting there, thanks for your patience), for new friends (the Britz family) who feel like old friends!, for the laughter of children when playing in the yard, for wet socks and how those can be a bother!, for food, for water, for light, for heat, for sunshine, for rain, for……oh the blessing in counting one’s blessings. love reading your older blogs and for the opportunity to share here!

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