ready or not. . .

did anyone else misplace november?  i’m like an old lady trying to find my purse, “it must be around here somewhere, sonny. . . .”

& here we are, december, advent, christmas.  ready or mom & dad came before thanksgiving to hang out for a few days, & my mom, bless her cool grandma heart,  brought, amongst her grandma goodies, homemade sugar cookie dough to roll out with my kiddos.  which is awesome, because i never get to this fun tradition.IMG_8062 i completely forgot to bring my camera to thanksgiving, which we celebrated at my uncle jim’s in the cities, followed by pie at andy’s brother’s just down the road.  but, sans camera, you can imagine aunt joanne’s tender stuffing, my mom’s over-the-top oreo cheesecake, thalia & kieran snuggled up with aunt carolyn looking at her photos from russia, how loud the kids were running around screaming, with guns & capes & cousins.

you know, thanksgiving.

friday morning, because we forgot to do it beforehand (surprise?  um, no.), we did our third annual charlie brown thanksgiving with the kids.  this time they (instead of me) snoopied the plates & toast & pretzels & popcorn.  we had to bunt for the jellybeans with gummy candy from trader joe’s.  i don’t think anyone minded.IMG_8072IMG_8074& with an impromptu non-black friday trip to pick up more christmas lights, we pulled out the tree.  our $15 thrift store tree, which i’ve come to love, in all its crooked-limbed glory. IMG_8090 IMG_8093 IMG_8098javin took the job of repairman, to headless “baby’s first christmas” ornaments.
all told, kieran only dropped two glass ornaments, one of which was a super cute baby blue shoe, ten years old.
crash.  followed by, “sorry, mom!  sorry!”  i expected to be broken up about it, such a precious treasure that i’ve carefully wrapped each post-christmas in tissue paper.
but i wasn’t.  it’s just a thing.
maybe hearts are a’changing.
i like that.
our tree tends to get a few homemade ornaments on it.  none of which are my fault.  also, don’t notice that we totally bought the wrong color candles for advent.  i was so proud of us for being on the ball.  yeah, not so much.  you’d think i didn’t grow up in a lutheran church, my entire childhood.  but use them we will;  oh, yeah, baby.
all manner of decorating was employed, & this was the first year i wouldn’t have had to lift a finger.  but i did;  it’s christmas.  you have to hang an ornament or two.  it’s bad karma if you don’t.  just kidding;  i don’t believe in karma.  but i do believe in hanging ornaments.IMG_8104 all manner of dismounting was employed, years past, i’m a stressed-out mess about christmas, thinking of christmas presents all through the year, obsessing about which picture we’ll use for a christmas card, planning andy’s ear off with my ever-changing stream of ideas.

but i feel different this year.

not so particular about who gets what.  not frantic about the christmas card.  not so big on making christmas perfect for my kids.

because, really, christmas was perfect before i ever got a hold of it.IMG_8118the kids were still at it this morning, kieran perched on a stool stringing tops onto glass bulbs, in plain pajama pants.  unlike years before of micromanaging, i’m good with that.

it’s about’s to a restful, non-frantic advent season.

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