merry making.

the twinkle lights are up.  we’ve cracked out the hot cocoa.  the ornaments have been rearranged seventeen thousand times.  a day.  the basket of christmas books is nestled under the tree.  i even picked my all-time favorite christmas song on the entire planet for this season, an important step in holiday happiness, believe me (thank you, pandora, for introducing us.  i owe you.):

ahh, christmas, i love thee.after real thanksgiving came christmas decorating, & after that came britzgiving, that holy holiday named by my sister-in-law elizabeth, celebrated the sunday after thanksgiving when as many of andy’s five siblings & families come to our house as possible.  in recent years, the menu has evolved to pasole, a dynamic mexican soup andy’s mom taught us to make.

i assume everyone celebrates this holiday.

unfortunately, as is my apparent thanksgiving curse this year, i have no great pictures of us eating soup, or pie, or the cousins running around & around & a-freaking-round.
nope.  all i have to offer you is this guy.
andy’s parents stayed on a couple days, after the rest found their way home.
then came the snow.  halle-happy-lujah.andy’s mom, maria.  a real trooper about playing in the snow with the grandkids.what you can’t see in this picture is the snowball, just up over the top of the frame, that hit me squarely in the camera 1/32nd after i snapped this.he was mildly repentant.

the next task, after play & shoveling & snowballs, was to trim spruce branches for christmas & advent wreaths.  which sounds so noble & pinteresting.
& isn’t.

see, we’ve had a wreath maker in our garage, & at the last house, & in storage, & in a basement, unused, for ten years.  TEN YEARS.  we even tried to sell it in more than one garage sale.  that didn’t happen, we still had it, & it was getting stupid.  you know how those projects go?  those blasted someday, hang-over-your-head ideas. . . .
today was your day, baby, you patient wreath maker, you.
not so much helping as building a fort, but whatevs.  she was outside.then while andy set up shop in the living room, with a big barrel of spruce branches, kieran & i (& sometimes leif) made homemade hot cocoa.  & the house rule applies to cocoa, too:  if you help cook (or bake or make), you get to sample.

i think kieran was in it for the mini chocolate chips.

i know i was.

the wreathmaking commenced. . .

wouldn’t it be sweet if she were wearing that shirt on purpose?  because that’s not even possible.

she may not have been into the branch cutting, but she rocked the wreathing.

as did gramaria.  (grandma + maria.  pretty creative, huh?)

she even fashioned one to hang above kieran’s bed.  if that’s not merry making, well.  peace on earth, or at least here in the dining room for five glorious minutes.
(if you look carefully, squint your eyes a little bit, you can see ye ol’ wreath maker in the background.  so glad we still own you, little guy.  you’re a keeper.  thanks for being patient while we sorted ourselves out.)

so, now we have no grandparent leftovers, & we’re back to our humble selves.IMG_8244
our simple selves who finally got our colors straightened out.
happy merry making, everyone.

6 thoughts on “merry making.

  1. Oh Jillita! How beautiful you preserve precious moments! And to think I was part of it all! All I can say is halle-happy-lujah! 🙂 ….. and thanking God for giving us the opportunity to share with all of you a moment in time of your lives! I
    LOVE you so very much! Gramaria

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