the right side of the candy cane.

did you know that a candy cane has one side that’s more desirable?
it’s true.

this morning, the in-house Elves brought candy canes for the kids.  kieran, holding his up to me with a wiggle in his bones, said, “mama, will you open this for me?”

“which part do you want me to open, honey?” i asked.

the wiggle increased, jumping him up & down, arms quivering & fingers wriggling, as he answered,

“the AWESOME part!!!”

as i’m thick into advent, counting down the days rolling off too quickly, i’m tempted to muddle into busyness:

seriously, jill.  pick a picture for the christmas card.

what AM i going to get/make/do for my mother-in-law?

pine needles.  pine needles.  pine needles.  (just from a wreathe!)

& the bells?  why do the little bells at the bottom of the tree keep migrating?
it’s killing me.

but this would be the wrong part of the candy cane.

kieran, facing off.

after visiting with santa, fritter the clown made the kids balloon animals. or in our case, balloon light sabers & a reindeer.

& then there are popcorn ball snowmen.  what’s not celebratory about edible snowmen?

this one?  it has my eyes.

& fudge.  fudge is certainly godly.  it was most likely the fourth gift of the magi.

lest you think my children naturally gravitate to the kitchen for a rousing session of cookery with mother, please know they were bribed with taste-testing.  unapologetically.

so, in this final week, this holy countdown to C-day (ha ha!), i’m fully capable of missing all the wonder, all the joy, all the glory completely.

but just now, i’m going to squint my eyes a little.

i gotta see the awesome part of the candy cane.

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