a tiny & small christmas.

we piled the kids in the van before the sun was up, jammies still on, to drive the hours to andy’s parents house this christmas.  the back of the van was laden with gifts wrapped in plain paper, scrawled across with sharpies in their “to’s” & “from’s”.  there were juice boxes & poptarts (it’s christmas!), & we arrived to warmth & love, & mounds & mounds of UP snow.

You do not disappoint.

i’ve been turning over this advent season, this christmas with four kids still-little, round & round to get a better view.  we’ve never done such a simple advent — no toys or games, not hoards of sugary treats.  a few crafts, a bit of doing-for-others, some yummy treats, a handful of christmas movies, a whole bunch of christmas stories.

we’ve never done such a simple christmas — a thrift store tree put up again, ornaments made from paper & glue, christmas cards not yet mailed but without anxiety, gifts in smaller number but with more thought.

You do not disappoint.

& now we are here.  the whole reason we’ve been scrambling or pacing, ordering or making, baking or buying.

& if we let You, You will not disappoint us.

may we all make the room to slow enough to see,
to pause & savor,
to capture not only with our cameras
but also with our hearts
the Wonder that is ours
on this holy night.

merry, merriest of christmases to you,
a big hug,
& lots of love
from tiny and small.

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