move along, folks.

you know what’s fun?  moving on.[the female protagonist then confesses she’s leaving her husband to follow a wild whim, or that her career choice is no longer sufficing.]

i’m just talking about the christmas tree.
[can.not.wait. to box it up & ship it out.]

but, actually, i’m talking about more than the christmas tree.  new year’s eve, people!  that holy ground of change & potential, promise & renewal.

yes, i’m caught up into the “let’s grab hold & shake up the world!”  i always am.  i love the precipice of new year’s eve, casting a loving gaze down at 2014.

there’s nothing like clearing the palette, dusting off the skates, scribbling a new beginning.

i’m not a “lose the belly fat/drink 8 glasses of water every day/read to my children each night” kind of resolver, either.


those resolutions, the traditional kind, feel like a thousand-mile ladder to climb, one creaking, bitty step at a time.  & painfully at that.

no. i’m a full-blooded hedonist.

in year’s past, i’ve resolved to eat more pie & watch more cartoons, in an effort to enjoy life more fully, or dig deeper with my children.

in my mind, adding enjoyment, noticing the goodness right here, or determining to deepen connections run the distance where plain-old hike-up-the-bootstraps might not.  then the spill-over is that i live more inspired, which does wonders for ye ol’ goal list.  kind of an inverse-in-reverse.  (i think i made that up.)

or maybe i’m just lazy.

either way, i haven’t even put together my resolutions this year;  just this morning we ended a 10-day grandparents’ christmas extravaganza when my parents drove out our driveway, so i’m a little ridiculously scattered, as mirrored by every flat surface & square inch of floor in the house.

BUT.  life is shaking up in this household, & i’m barely hanging on, in a good way.

1.  we just discovered that all 3 of my big kids are sensitive to gluten.
thus begins a gluten-free adventure (some of us kicking & screaming.).  i had no idea,
& now that we’re dipping our toes in (taste buds?), i’m kinda excited.  smoothies & meatballs & rice noodle lasagna!  why not?!

2.  another shake-up:  in a few days, we’re taking the kids cross-country, in the mini-van, to visit andy’s brother & his wife in NYC!  we’ve been scrounging spare dollars all year, & we’ve raked the pile together enough to shoe-string our way, with the help of very kind souls willing to give up carpet space to four small children & their accompanying adults.  (if you have any NYC advice, i’d love a good word!)

&, i’m also joining nourishing minimalism’s 2014 decluttering challenge.  i wasn’t going to, as skimming the fat is just a regular day at the office here.  but then i got curious as to what two thousand things exiting this house could do for my peace of mind & my kids’ creativity.  so in i’m jumping.  today, i rooted through (one of the) art supplies’ drawers, & came away with 64 crayons & pencils.  (don’t mock me for counting crayons.)

so, i’ll have to get back to you on the for-real resolutions.  i know they’re in my head somewhere, i just haven’t laid eyes on them yet.

how about you?  do you make or hate resolutions?
if you do resolve, what are you resolving this year?
[i get so inspired by what you do, in your unique perspective in this great big world,
i’d love to know!  please do share the wealth in the comments or on facebook!]

i’ll see you in the new year!!
& happy, happiest end to 2013!!

7 thoughts on “move along, folks.

  1. I am reading your blog for the first time. I love to read how different people think and also those brave enough to challenge the old ways and look for new paths of how to look at things. I would love to keep listening in on your latest thoughts.

  2. I probably already missed being helpful for your trip, but if you still need it: the find me gluten free app is fabulous for your phone. Also, rice noodles are not great, but we like the ancient harvest quinoa noodles. More later, gotta run! Email me with gf questions if you need- all of us are gluten free here!

    1. thanks for the good word! we’ve done some experimenting with rice noodles, & hit on some gf combo the kids loved: “this tastes like WHITE noodles, mom!!” i remember when i first found your blog, i read that you were gluten free. i thought, “how is that even possible. . . ?” 🙂 i will certainly email with questions, thank you!!

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