just a minute.

two of my very favorite things in the whole world (alongside baby milk breath & french press coffee) are photography & music.

here’s the handful in my pocket this week:
a moment to dig up & plant in my memory.

{inspired by soule mama, a blog about a big family & a homestead.}

& a song to go with it.

if you feel inspired, share a handful of your wealth with me.

i like sharing.

it would make my day.

2 thoughts on “just a minute.

  1. sharing a handful of my wealth: new friends (you know who you are but I will name you….Javin, Thalia, Levi and Leif – i hope I spelled everyone right), but Jill you already enjoy this handful! Legos-seriously, why did I not know how awesome these were before now? the secret is out! Two beautiful girls home with mama today….who can’t get enough of hearing about new friends and creating with Legos! and a few songs I will share Amy Grant-How Mercy Looks From Hear album, Don’t Try So Hard and also Here, Laura Woodley Osman-Home, Right Through Me (but really every song) and Laura Hackett-Laura Hackett, Beautiful Mercy, There’s a Gap, When I am Afraid! Hope you enjoy! and Thanks for the blessing of your writings!!!

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