what if we lived in a bus?

this one isn’t my fault.  not this time.
i blame andy completely.

of course, when i married a dreamer, i should have known.  this man who scratches out house plans on napkins, who scans craigslist for entertainment, whose library stack includes books about small house living, self-reliance, homesteading.

i really should have known.

a few days ago, we were standing in the kitchen, talking about my blog.  i asked him what he thought i should write about.

“you could write about what we’re doing.  about us fixing up the house & moving.”

oh yes, that.

time for full disclosure, then:  we’re aiming to move again.  if you’ve been around here awhile, you know we put the house up for sale two years ago, before leif was born.  we nearly had the house sold, & then we didn’t.  we didn’t know it at the time, but because andy is & was self-employed, with a smaller income, we didn’t qualify for another home loan.  if we sold our house, we’d not be able to buy another one.

oh.  okay.

so, we took the house back off the market, settled in, & have been waiting in the weeds for ASKWEAR (andy’s screen printing business) to grow, waiting for the next right time.

here we are.  time it out, baby.

this time, though, instead of perusing prospective homes, we’re looking at buses.  i wake up in the morning to find andy’s lastest bus prospects on craigslist up on the laptop.   i’m reading blogs about families with little kids who live in buses (the whole family, not just the kids.  though not a bad idea. . . .).

ultimately, a bus-house is a means to an end.  we’d like to build a small house (andy built the log home we lived in before we moved to menomonie.) on a chunk of land big enough to garden & dig in the dirt & play in the woods & build a brick oven & keep bees & . . .well, you get the idea.

living in something like a bus would give us the opportunity to build again without laying down much money for immediate housing, like an apartment or another house.  a bus would be an RV, only cheaper.  pretty much an RV in its heart (on the inside).

a bus is intriguing to andy especially (this is the part where i blame him;  you were waiting, weren’t you?) because he was a bus driver for years & years, all through college through downtown minneapolis & all its suburbs.  andy drives buses.  andy likes buses.  andy gets buses.  more than most, i’d say.

& as homeschoolers, living in a bus to build a house as curriculum?  yes, that’ll do.

i use words like “aim” & “try” when i talk about our plans because really, we don’t have any idea what’s ahead of us.  & as a family who holds its life up to Jesus, we hold up our plans & wait for direction.  we don’t want to be crazy.  nope.  we don’t want to be stupid (maybe there’s a difference?).

we also don’t want to be pansies.  i think plenty of people back down from their truest hearts to please other people.  i know i sure do.  it’s a safer route, not to rock the boat.  to keep up with the tide of folk going the general direction.

i kind of like the other direction.

so, i’m just testing the waters here.  putting this crazy idea out there.  speaking a real word that takes about all the courage i can muster on a cloudy monday in wisconsin.  i love reading stories of adventurous people living uniquely.  living their crazy, rocked-out dreams in treehouses, on farms, with a backpack & a map in europe.

but i don’t want to just read about them.  i want to be them.

(sorry, mom & dad.  maybe not what you were hoping for from your little girl. . . . it’ll be good.  i promise.  at least i’m not moving us to ireland?).

but back to the now:  we don’t have the house listed just yet (hopefully in a couple weeks), but there’s plenty going on.

what we ARE doing around here (besides online research after the kids go to bed):

andy replacing the ugly surround around the poles in the basement.

next will be the upstairs bathroom.

the 60’s called;  they want their bathroom back.

& while andy is drywalling & painting, gouging out sinks & tiling, the kids & i are decluttering the mammon.  (i hope this makes you feel better about your life.  it’s giving me heart failure.)
& keepin’ it real.

& adding all our decluttered bits to our running tally from the 2014 decluttering challenge.

so, we’re definitely pointed a direction.

AND.  in the event you would like to live here, in my house along the river. . .

or if you might know someone who would. . .

or if you’d just like to see us sell this place. . .

& live in a bus. . .

here’s what we look like, all cleaned up.  (plus a bit of residual party decor.)
(p.s.  —  this look lasted exactly 43 seconds.  no clean-house nirvana here.)

the shelves andy built out of hollow-core closet doors.  i’m kind of bragging now.  (actually, he’s remodeled the entire main level.  when we moved in it boasted white carpet & paneling galore.  white carpet, people.  come on.)

so, there it is.  all our plans laid out for you.
i’ll keep you posted on the bus,
& if you know someone who’d like an acre in wisconsin, send ’em my way.

children sold separately.

2 thoughts on “what if we lived in a bus?

  1. Oh what fun Jill! Adventure and homeschooling go GREAT together! Oh imagine the places that you will go…oh the places that you will see…I think it sounds right in line with your simplification plans. I like the reduction in cleaning too!
    Keep us posted!

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