the tiny & small things.

we haven’t done one of these in awhile, a laundry list of the sweet bitty pieces floating by.

we had a fantastic, busy weekend with my parents here & a hotel stay at the DAX (“decorated apparel expo,” the t-shirt show we go to every year to see how the big guns print.).

to amp up the goodness, i’ll scratch out the pieces.
it makes my heart happy, this counting.  (& who couldn’t use a little happy just now?)

from the weekend:

on the showroom floor, learning daddy’s business.

a jackpot of tradeshow goodies.

i put a high price on entertaining themselves.  (do you see the heli?)

fancy dinner for the buyers & their lovelies.

quality time with my dad.

& my mom.

legos at lunch.  because, yes.

photo credit:  my handsome husband.

going out for coffee with four kids.  (my brother & his wife, jen, alongside.  probably sharing a knowing look at our crazy.  just kidding.  maybe.)

love this guy.

& this one.
he could sell you some starbucks’, yes?

outsiiiiiiiiide.  winter, we. are. through.
also, my impending nephew.  see?  woot, woot!!
i love him already.

little boys with sticks.  (five now, you know.  have to take the “little” off, but only in his earshot.)

holding hands.

there it is, our weekend in tiny & small bits.
my heart does feel happier.  thanks for letting me tell you.

but tell me, what sweet tiny & small things are floating by you?
it’ll make your heart happy, the counting.  promise.


2 thoughts on “the tiny & small things.

  1. holding hands….that photo is one of my tiny and small bits currently. first let me just say thank you for all the photos but the hand holding melted me. my two lovelies (7 and 9) have recently taken to asking me to go a for a walk with each of them individually and during course of said walking, moved in close and asked if we could hold hands. yes, asked first, then did! and can I say puddling? yes, I melt into a puddle every time one of mine (truly His but on loan to me) asks to and then holds onto my hand. they teach me every day the goodness of this life… showing me His goodness and how it is good to hold on to the gift of each other!!!! love your post as always. and you did deliver! the counting makes my heart happy!

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