just a minute.

there are four six inches of new snow on the ground (fun in december, not in april.), i just found cat poop on my kitchen floor that had been stepped in, & when i opened my email, the library elf informed me i had 6 movies & video games due.  yesterday.

thank you, morning, i hate you already.

SO.  i’m pulling out my big guns.  this day will not go down without a fight.
i will push back.
because if i don’t, my head might fall off, & there’s a lot at stake here, isn’t there?  they say a mother is the barometer for the family. well, then, i’ve got work to do.

wait.  the toddler just woke up & is crying. . . .

okay, let’s try that again. . .

two of my favorites, photography & music, distilled to one per to share with you.  (i like to share.)  also, two natural boosts for me on cruddy-starting days like this.
{p.s.- are you proud of me?  3 weeks in a row posting “just a minute”.  booya.}

little man painting.

if you have kids, if you like kids, if you have ever been a kid, if you still ARE a kid, you’ll love these guys.  you now have your evening entertainment (which you’re gonna need if you live where i do.  ice + snow = not.going.anywhere.).

you’re welcome.

sometimes the world conspires against you, like cat poop on your kitchen floor which you pick up with your finger, because you’re not sure what it is, to throw you off your good-life game.

don’t let it.

push back.

{morning update:  both the cat & the toddler are curled up in my lap now.}

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