just a minute.

spring!!  yes, here in wisconsin, we finally. have. spring.
i feel like i’ve waited my whole life to say that.
& isn’t that just how the “after” of waiting is?  once you get to what hope has promised, all the waiting accordions up into itself & you’re left wondering how you ever thought you’d never make it.  (whoa.  that might be profound, but i’m not sure what i just said.)


this “just a minute” is an ode to spring.  because, baby, we got it.

& this song, more than once, has been used as a wake-up call around here, on those please-do-get-out-of-bed-before-we’re-even-more-late-for-church mornings.  because sometimes a mama just needs a musical crowbar for her babies.

& i kind of feel like maybe we could use a wake-up call, to shake off all the winter, yes?

happy “springing” friends.  did you catch that?  she’s springing off the trampoline, &. . . . dork.

{“just a minute” is an every friday post, where i give you a tablespoon’s worth of two of my favorite things, photography & music.  sometimes you just gotta compact the beauty into a to-go package for a quick hit.  that’s friday.}

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