just a (few) minute(s)

heck, i should probably say something already.
i’ve been meaning to get here all week, & well.  sometimes your best intentions + a toddler = not what you plan on.

so, instead of a regular “just a minute,” i’m going to give you a tour through britzville this week. do you mind hanging out a few minutes longer?

first we got our easter on.

this is the easter bunny in our tree house, in case you weren’t sure.

& colored eggs, of course.

we made gram & papa color easter eggs, too, though they didn’t need much coercing.

notice the egg yolk smeared on my hat.  your welcome.

& then the illustrious egg hunt. this year we added coded eggs for each of the kids, which sounds impressive but isn’t. javin looked for footballs & soccer balls, thal’s all had pink, kieran’s looked like bugs, & leif’s were big.  this meant nobody was whining that javin found them all.

call me grinchy, but we curbed the sugar with some coinage.  

then, after the jelly beans were eaten, the cadbury eggs wiped off little faces, & my parents safely home again, we continued in our downsize/readying-to-move endeavors.  we had been meaning to go through books & donate some.  one afternoon andy looked sideways at the bookshelf he’d made me & realized if we gave away all the books in it, he could take it apart & use it to trim out the basement.  so we did.

this. . .

quickly turned in to this. . .

but allowed for this. . .

which usually allows for this.

leaving us with this.

that, my friends, is a good feeling.

AND.  if you hang out with andy or me on facebook, you already know that
praise the good Lord, yes?

so after all that, we’ll need our song.  (you thought i forgot. . . .)
this is my week’s theme song.  obviously.

happy weekending, friends,
& thanks for hanging out a few minutes longer.

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