just a minute. (i’m 2!)

my tulips are going to be dynamite.  with all this rain, after all this chill, those purple & peach blossoms are going to be beacons of freaking happiness. it was hard to imagine, shoving those bulbs down into the ground before it froze hard & fast into winter. but now?  now i can see six inches of thick, green leaves, promising to shove up petals soon.  soon.

i’ve never grown tulips before, kind of had it in my “that’s-probably-hard-to-do” folder in my head.  but tulips are my very favorite, tall & strong, substantial, not fragile or easily broken. maybe because that’s how i’d like to be, i don’t know.

so last year we planted bulbs, thalia & i, in warm hats & coats, holding out a patch of hope against the winter.  i can see a solid six inches of leaves now already.  i’m sure when they finally get here, they will rock.  for all of ten minutes before leif finds them, anyway.  i’ll bask in those ten minutes, i will.  {wink, wink.}


my music for the week is mat kearney (pronounced “carnie,” like “carnival”) + the band “leagues”.  the fun part of this video is that i know tyler, the cool guy in the black shirt playing the guitar.  his wife, ali,  was a close friend of mine in college.  we used to hang out & drink coffee all the time, until one night late ali knocked on my dorm room door.  tyler was moving to nashville to play with audio adrenaline.  she needed to tell someone.  they managed, & when they got married, i was in their wedding.

which makes me think of a hundred other stories i’d want to tell you, if you were here with me today, at the end of this rainy week with plenty of rainboot-to-puddle ratios.  i’d make you coffee in my french press & we’d talk about cool people that we’ve known in life.

& i’d make sure you knew that you were one of them.

(thanks for being here, for coming back here over & over.  yesterday, i turned 2 in this space.  two whole years of writing a blog.  two whole years of this great conversation you’ve chosen to engage in with me.  i am so grateful.  happy two years old!)

{“just a minute” is a friday post, where i give you a bit of two of my favorite things, photography & music.}

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