a minute on mother’s day.

in my true mothering fashion, i am late.
in the spirit of what motherhood has taught me rolled up into a succinct just-for-you package, i’m letting it go.

(go ahead & start singing “frozen”.  i’ll be here when you’re through.)

now then, a bit more cheer for  the holiest of holidays mother’s day.
i have no doubt you’ll be able to crack the code on which kid corresponds to which card.

with lift-up flaps for secret messages.  awwww.  the goodness rolls on!
when i snuggled into kieran’s bed to thank him for his mother’s day card, he said, sleepy-eyed & disheveled, “it’s you & me walking.”  (cat out of the bag on the last one.)  (also:  insert heart-shaped hand sign & a tear in the eye, yes?)  yes, sweet.  it most certainly is.  on the most 5-year-old appropriate stationary. obviously.

& music for mother’s day!  Go Fish used to be a big grown-up band when i was in college (they played our spring banquet on a boat in minneapolis my senior year), & then the band members all grew up & had kids.  now they do kids music.  awesome.

happy mother’s day, whether you are a mom, a mommy, a grandma, an auntie, or a guy who loves one of the aforementioned!

you rock, & everybody knows it.

{“just a minute” is a (mostly) friday post in which i give you a spitball of two of my favorite things:  photography & music}

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