just a minute. the ordinary.

lately, i’ve been taken in by the ordinary, more than usual, anyway.  the light through morning window across the wood floor.  thick warmth of a teacup sinking into my hands.   the dimple in kieran’s cheek when he’s just a little bit mischievous.   leif’s simple adoration of his “key” (kitty).

& then, sometimes, the ordinary is so very ordinary.  the afternoon dragging, the dinner to be made again, the laundry.  oh, the laundry.  but i try not to dwell there.  when i notice myself setting up camp in that place (& sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes hours, occasionally days — let’s be honest.), i attempt to shake off the webs & see again.  see the beauty for what it is, hear the tiny voices in cacophony around me in sweet tones & not irritating ones, enjoy the slowness because it is just that.

i don’t mean for this to be long, it is just a minute, after all, but i think part of this awakening has to do with our downsizing.  four thousand things have left the building now, 4046 to be exact, & there is something bright & clear left in their wake.  i feel that i can see more clearly.  that somehow, when there was so much more in every corner & crevice (& strewn across the floor), i got lost in all that stuff.  now, with more & more gone, i’m not as distracted.  i’m enjoying the kids more than ever, the novel i pick up for just a moment when leify’s nursing, that snuggly toddler i hold just a few moments longer when he’s rocked to sleep in my arms.

i don’t know exactly;  i haven’t sorted this all out yet.  it’s new territory to me.


music this week:  the piano guys.  javin came across this duo a year ago, & what fun.
we love them & play them often these days.  these sacred, ordinary days.

“Earth’s crammed with heaven, 
And every common bush afire with God, 
But only he who sees takes off his shoes.

–Elizabeth Barrett Browning

{“just a minute” is a friday post in which i offer up a kid-sized portion of two of my favorite things:  photography & music.}

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