just a minute. summer’s on, yes?

cheeks pinking, bronzing by morning,
after sleep’s medicine.
the magic of dreams.

sunshine, always the sunshine producing
shorts & bare little-boy chests,
pigtails & sundresses for the sweet miss.

bare feet, dirty feet, little tiny toes in dirt.
sand box as playpen,
sand dumped on the door step,
leif’s gift hauled to share with mama.

roadtrips with windows down,
audiobooks & library books.
a good novel.
drawing paper & endless miles
to think it out.
the creativity of mobility.

sprinklers & the first trip to the pool.
popscicles dripping off chins,
washed off in sunshiny waves of chlorine.
swimsuits hung to dry.
beach towels back in circulation.

windows open at night,
falling asleep as the world whispers.
birdsong to wake.

the season’s first watermelon
& even the ants that wander
that sticky trail
across the wood floor.

we are all here,
happy inside our long-awaited summer.

[“just a minute” is a friday post in which a quietly offer you a bit of my favorite things: usually photography & music.  but, with the cacophony of four small children in summer, i’m turning down the music just a bit, to better hear the summer itself.  i’m certain to have an accompanying theme song soon enough, though.  i hope you don’t mind.}

4 thoughts on “just a minute. summer’s on, yes?

  1. LOVE IT!!!! thanks for sharing….you never disappoint. such a sweet gift to hear your voice today (and the cacophony in the background of other voices I love!) Sweet weekend dears and hope to catch a glimpse soon!

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