giving myself a facial.

quiet, please.
that’s been my MO the last few weeks.  I’ve been quiet here, but I’ve been thinking.
andy & me, together, applying our collective dreaming:  what Tiny & Small is, what i’d like it to be, what you’d like to read here.

so T&S is getting a facial.

& good things are in the wings, my friends.  good, good things.

SO.  stay tuned.  my graphic designing husband is busying away, & this girl?  well.  I just can’t wait to spill out all the fun bits in my head.  (sorry.  I just went all garbage pail kids.  my bad.)

would you do me a fave, though?  tell me what you’d like to read here, either in the comments or on facebook.  I’m dying to know.  (just please don’t ask my opinion on politics.  I won’t ever have one. . . .)

soon, then.


4 thoughts on “giving myself a facial.

  1. I love reading whatever you write. Your words remind me of the good years of raising my own children and of teaching. My life has had so many changes recently and more to come….your posts also remind me to trust in the Lord.

  2. I love when you are all Real and it inspires me to embrace the real me here at home. Really… anything you write inspires me. ❤ Cannot Wait for the facial!

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