I just got cuter.

every since we hit the Christmas season, I’ve been fielding a niggling to pare down, scale back even further.  let the margin increase.  let the slow living grip us.  in every hollow of our lives, from activities to decorations to toys to chores, we’ve peeled back another layer.  I may have unfriended some of you.  (just kidding.  I think.)  the blog belonged to that paring down, & now we’ve finally finished the tweaking, as promised.  you’ll notice a few things:

1.  the name!  no longer “tiny & small,” I’ve been feeling a jig in my spirit to move on from writing only about the lovely ordinary, but to amp up my intentionality & let you in a little further.  we’re sort of an out-of-the-box family, & I want to tell you about it.  but we’re still the same britzs.  you saw the picture up there, right?

2.  the “about us” page.  I reworked it, detailing the revised map for this place.  go see.  right now.  i’ll wait.

3.  the direction.  as authenticity is always one of my banjo strings, I want to dig in deeper with you here in this place.  i’m good about writing about what I think is socially acceptable.  i’m a dunce about going far out on a limb.  we’ll try the limb now.  feel free to disagree.  I like a healthy engage;  ask my mother.

he likes to engage, too. 4.  the look.  I couldn’t quite handle how riotous the blog felt when I logged in to write.  maybe because of the insane chaos that is my floor at all times (thank you, little toddler.  you make mommy crazy happy.), I needed here to be as peaceful as possible.  to be a place to slow down & inhale.  I hope it’s that for you, too.

that’s the jig.  I took my time on this one.  which is how I want to start doing things.

jill in the box, blossomed from tiny & small.
I hope you like it.
& thanks for waiting in the wings for me.

as always, you cats rock.


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