travelogue: it felt like 37 below.

sluggish, sleepy feet firmly planted in the plush carpet at my parents’ house, I picked up the cracked phone andy & i share to check the weather while the kids played the wii in their pajamas, first thing in the morning.  we had come the nine hours (which inevitably squeezes itself into twelve) & 556 miles to snowmobile.  & no matter what the temperature was (-11, but weatherbug said it felt like -37), snowmobile we would.

this is how we vacationed this year.  not exactly tropical, or warm like we’d planned, but well.  it fit in the budget.  or lack thereof.

without further adieu, the nd travelogue:

I walked leif outside on our first morning there, & when I came back out one minute later, javin had him on the snowmobile, having the time of his life.

the last two years, my kind-hearted cousin kelly & his wife, who live “next door” to my parents (“next door” is a relative term, as they live over a mile away down gravel road & highway.) have lent us their teeny snowmobile, geared to roar up to a whooping 8 mph & to hold only the weight of a smallish child.  this is an act of extraordinary generosity, & my kids (especially the smallish 5-year-old) revel in it.  or on it.

out here, you don’t mess around with snow removal.

we even got to bring Gram & Pop back home with us for the weekend, which is good, since i completely neglected to take pictures of them in their natural habitat.  


in our grand life-of-travel scheme, we planned to spend a solid chunk of January & February somewhere warm, somewhere south.  we planned to be in a bus heading far away from ice & snow.  we planned to be not-here, with our kids on a grand adventure.  what we got instead was mini trips to MI & ND, both of which are decidedly more winterish than WI.

i’m beginning to realize my life isn’t about where I think i’m supposed to be or where i’d rather be.   it’s about where I am right now.
if i can keep that in mind, i think where i am can always be a good place to be.keep tweaking the machine, friends.
it’s getting good.

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