the beautiful people.

do you ever feel like one of the beautiful people?  they are around us everywhere, at every turn of a page, flip of a channel.  it’s seldom that i align myself with those glorious ones, but i did, a few weeks ago, for about  10 minutes.  it wasn’t bad.

it was an upper-80’s kind of day, so i’d corralled beach towels & goggles & children, piled them all into the minivan & headed to the waterpark.  you maybe didn’t know this, but a waterpark can be a dangerous place. i mean, water is something, but the people.  there are beautiful people everywhere.  it’s disconcerting if you are anything but. . .(fill in your own comparisons that bleed into inadequacies.).

but the sun was hitting the water just right that afternoon, & for a holy 10 minutes, i felt like i belonged.  like i was one of the beautiful people.  the lovelies on movie screens, the sweet faces on t.v., the fab glam in the grocery store magazine rack.  i glowed in that sunshine, balancing tot on my knee, eagle eye out for the boys thrashing in far waters.  i owned it.

it was a glorious 10 minutes, i tell you.

until i remembered i was still wearing my winter whites, that i slouch, that my swimsuit is a hundred years old & counting.  then i felt myself sink down a bit, & the sun shone a little dimmer.

but it was a glorious 10 minutes.

if you’ve ever forgotten yourself, fallen instead deep into your purpose, hit your “flow,” then you know how that feels.  you are beautiful because you ARE.  you are not “anything but”.

you are you, the one & only, & that is a gift.  you are beautiful.

i was listening to a song last night, as i snuggled in under an open window, & these lyrics spiraled out.

you are an artist.  you’re heart is your masterpiece.
–sleeping at last “i’ll keep you safe”

isn’t that the lovely truth?  you may not see it, & most days you can’t even begin to know how to feel it.  but it’s true, friends.

so scarily true, it hurts me to think you may not know it about yourself.  but you are art because you were assembled by the Creator.  & if you glance around you, well. He’s come up with some pretty dynamic stuff.

so believe it.  you are art, you were created for beauty.
your heart is your masterpiece, so take care of it.
you are one of the beautiful people.

much love.

p.s. — i’m working on liking photos of myself.  i don’t need you to tell me you think i’m beautiful.  that’s nice of you, but it’s okay.  i know it now.  when all my hair fell out, when i was chubby, when i was anywhere between 14 & 25, i didn’t believe it, though it was just as true then as it is now.  but when all my hair fell out, Jesus started to speak, or i started to listen, & i began to understand that beauty had nothing to do with appearance.  every day, as my body moves toward its finality, i understand a little more wholly what truest beauty is.

we’re getting there, friends.  we’re getting there.

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