when you have to decide what (or who) goes.

during our three weeks out in july, I thought about chickens.  odd for vacation?  maybe.

we did the loop, 2,000 miles from here to ND to MI to here again, & though I laid on a sandy beach in the hot sun along lake superior, though we camped & all four kids had high fevers & every single one of the in-laws got along (did they?  is that possible?) my mind kept coming back to the sweet little ladies & their sir cooped up back at the ranch.  (didya like that trail of sorry imagery?  I obviously haven’t been on the blog in awhile. . . .sigh.)

what I was trying to figure out, admittedly ahead of time, is how to proceed with the rest of my life.  you’re chuckling, aren’t you. . . ?  I KNOW.  but when you add a big life thing like suddenly hosting livestock, sometimes a little buyer’s remorse comes in.  what the what did we just do to our (otherwise sort-of-adjusted) life?

I read a post this morning about simplicity.  I read a post every morning about simplicity, who are we kidding.  but what marc & angel said this morning is that one of the wrecking balls of a simple life is being unable to say NO.  mostly they were talking about schedule-y stuff, overcommitting, but obviously the NO applies to any overrun area of life:  schedules, relationships, physical things & clutter.  marc’s suggestion was not to think about what to take off your plate, but to scrape all the crud off your plate & then decide what to put back on (my paraphrase).

so I made an Ideal Day page with a sharpie this afternoon, which reminds me that how you live your days is how you live your life (if you know who said this, please comment.  I can’t place it.  moving on.)  & as I wrote down “snuggle” & “read” & “cook dinner slowly,” I realized that most of what i’m doing already is more or less what I want to be doing.  i’m living in a way that feels authentic to me, that i believe honors who God made me to be.  before we started this minimalizing venture 5 years ago, I couldn’t have said the same.  I didn’t have time.  I was managing too. much. crap.  ahem.

back to the chickens.

what occurred to me after we got home from our trip, after long stretches of remote highway spent trying to rectify my incongruous love of both travel & keeping chickens (do NOT suggest putting chickens in a bus.  we’ve already had that very short  conversation.) is that I can do both.  for us, the fun we have keeping a yard full of hens all the days we’re home is enough to justify accommodating them when we’re not.
also, this boy likes his pallies, & you can’t take the posse away from the guy.

so, there it is, the place we’re in now.  wanderlust weds keeping chickens.
it works for us.

how ’bout you, friendies?
it’s been a long while since we’ve chatted!
i’d love to know what you’re brewing these days, if you’re
laying out your life in a way that works for you, if it’s peaceful where you are, if there’s anything I can do to help.
I don’t know much, but I know I love you. . . oo, ooooo. . . .

keep tweaking the machine, friends.
over & out.

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