this is not authenticity.

i know.
it’s as though this blog died.
it did not, & hello.

it did not, but i’ve been sitting on my hands for all of the months, wondering if i had anything left to say.  the internets are so full of gorgeous, flowery words;  mine had gotten lost inside my own head.  but i read something tonight, after a lovely evening on a hillside listening to music with friends, after an encouraging, supportive phone call in the afternoon from my bestie & then my mom, after snuggling the squishy baby & chatting with the husband.

after reading this,

authenticity is not the watering down of your message to help someone accept your words.  authenticity, i think, is simply trying to find the kindest way to tell the whole truth.
~erin loechner, “chasing slow”

yes, yes, that’s it.  i heard it there, my heartbeat, in those words of authenticity, a faint bumpity-bump in the middle of me.  my fire burns for the authenticity in me, in you, in all of us & our children, God bless them.  we are a special lot, you know, each one of us, with a marvelous, wondrous story we ought to be busy telling.  we are all so very important.

i hope you are telling your story.

so, there is no grand banner announcing my return to the blogosphere.
i just needed to say “hello”.
also, i’ve missed you.


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