about us.

the other day, andy, my mate, attempted to describe my life to me.

“you know those machines, Rube Goldberg machines, I think?”

“yeah. . . ?”

“they’re completely pointless machines. . . .”

(you had me at “hello,” honey.)

for context:

(cool, huh?)

“. . .I mean, you tweak all the different parts, & get something at the end that doesn’t really matter. . . .”

(I hope we’re getting somewhere, honey.  this is depressing. . . )

“with all the tweaking, you don’t exactly know what you’re going to get, but you tweak here & there, this part & that, & in the end, it all turns out.  that’s how you do your life.”

“ohhhhhh, okay.  yeah, that’s pretty much how I do my life.”

good talks, honey.  good talks.


he’s right, this smart man i’m married to.  I don’t exactly know what we’re aiming for besides the good life, but I keep tweaking:  simple living.  nature.  doing-it-ourselves.  margin.  self-employment.  minimalism.  slow living.  thrifting.  unschooling.  living tiny (we tried to buy a bus once. . .).  following Jesus.

I also know I don’t want to be in the box I often find myself in.  the standard american life isn’t working too well for me, so i keep inching out.   jill slowly getting out of her box.
i’m not exactly sure where we’re headed, but I know if I work on the small details in front of me today, & if I give enough leverage to God, we’re going to end up somewhere good.  I don’t always see the good until we’re through, because life can be yucky.  & there’s usually a fair amount of chaos involved.

but i’m always pleased with the end result.  & that end result is always further out of the box then where we started.

life.  accidentally,  on purpose.


let me introduce us, then:

here’re our real selves, me & the huz.  (isn’t he super?  he’s my favorite.) plus random baby hand.

& the lot of us.  thalia, kieran, javin, & leif.
it’s nice to meet you, & it’s no small thing that you’re here, with all that life is throwing at you, plus the dog & the kids & the dishes.  I don’t take that for granted.  I love you for being here.

if you want to dig around in our lives, here are the essential jill in the box, to get you started:

on being bald
a garden & a bus
putting my coat on
for when you don’t really believe God
this is not a toy
our dream home
no more cruddy days

if you like it here, consider subscribing.  we can tweak together, find our collective way out of the boxes.  they’re kind of cramped anyway, aren’t they?

if you’d like to hang out online, i’m on facebook at jill britz.  or instagram @jillbritz.  more of our everyday happens there.
or you can email me at jilltonneson@hotmail.com.
i’d love to chat.  mmmm, grown-ups to talk to.  🙂

thanks, all.  you cats rock.
here’s to tweaking the machine.


10 thoughts on “about us.

  1. Hi Jill,
    Congratulations on your new addition! My name is Stacey Siegle. Tracey Sorenson is my sister. She introduced me to your blog and I just wanted to share how much I appreciate and look forward to your words of wisdom! Your words often cause me to stop and think…..how wonderful:) Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
    Take Care!
    Stacey Siegle

    1. stacey, thank you so much for writing!! it’s very encouraging to hear that the words that float out from here onto the web take root somewhere & mean something. i’m not always so sure, so thank you!!

  2. Jill! I’m so glad I found your blog! We still miss you and Andy up here but am so glad God is continuing to bless you guys. Thanks for sharing your life and wisdom with us. Blessings!

  3. Oh the waiting stint…. We are in a waiting stint right now. Doug lost his job at the bank last September, and we prayed for God to put us wherever He wanted. Over seas, Africa you name it. Well after several applications and multitudes of pleasant rejection letters, He is working as a bank consultant. Travelling…. alot. A part of me says “this is just where God wants us to be right now”, and the other part of me says ” wait a minute God, we said we’d go anywhere for you and do anything.”! So we wait… and wait. As I spend nights alone, thinking, wondering what’s next, I must remind myself that this is just a step. A step to the next step in our lives. I remember Andy saying so often that God has so many good things in store for us. I rest on that promise. The Abba (daddy) father has a tight hold on our hands, and yours as well. Relax I tell myself. All this fretting is a waste of my energy and I refuse to fret. 80% of the things we fret about never come true. I am right where God wants me to be right now.

    1. karen, wow. it blesses me to read your story, knowing your family like we do. thank you for being full of courage to be able to write it; thank you more importantly for the courage to live it & let the rest of us see. yes. so. many. things in store for us. thank you for reminding me. & hoards of blessings to you!! ❤

  4. Hello my dear!! Well….first and foremost it must be said that I’m ur biggest and bestest fan! LOVE ur blog, thoughts, inspiring words, humor and love that we are walking this life together! See-I have nothing inspirational to say…that is why you write here and I will just be your cheerleader!! Love you!!!

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